About Debt free living, llc

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David Linsky, President
Debt Free Living, LLC

Debt Free Living, LLC was created to help spread the word of the Your Family Bank concept. The idea to start a company to help people get in immediate control of their debt situations, taxes, savings and spending began on a beach. As David began talking with his mentor during his time off from Florida State, his mentor began to tell him about this new concept he was using to help payoff his mortgage, his boat as well as the rest of his debts in 6 years instead of 18.

Right at that moment, David's mind began to race. Nearing graduation, and knowing the struggle of looming student loans weighed on his classmates he needed to understand more about this concept.

After being trained directly from the Founder of Your Family Bank, Larry McLean, David quickly created a program based on the YFB concept geared to helping graduates most effectively payoff their student loans. 

  • Over 44 million Americans hold 1.4 trillion in student loan debt.
  • The Current Student Loan delinquency or default rate is 11.4%.
  • In 2017 the average student loan borrower owed approximately $28,650.
Realizing how major this issue was, David decided upon graduation to start his own company in an effort to help people use the Your Family Bank concept to pay off their student loans.
Since beginning with his focus on helping graduates most effectively pay off their student loans, David and his team have gained expertise in helping individuals put together plans to payoff their credit cards, mortgages as well as any other debts.
They also aid in helping businesses self-finance.